We're studio Pi-Dev, creatures with passion about cool video games! We're a very small team of two + a bunch of friends to help around!

We are working on the unique 2.5D puzzle-platformer ColorBlend FX, where your goal is to help Splatians blend the stolen Colors back to the world and foil the plans of the evil Lord Ashen!

The game is in development, expected release during 2022.
You can download and play the first chapter demo for free during development.

Brought to you by those awesome & weird friendly creatures:

Petar Petrov (PeterSvP)

The lead developer and designer & artist. Loves very different video games, mostly single player. Nintendo Fan and the main reason for both Splatians and Lord Ashen's existence - blame him!

Game Art Variety Streams

Iliyan Kateliev (DarksSilencer)

The magician who makes you feel the experience with your ears. He produces the music and sound effects! Has great flavor for video games too and helps with building the game environments too!

Check his music Watch his streams

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